Fourth Annual FNA 5k

Saturday, September 22nd was a beautiful sunny, 70 degrees as over 250 volunteers, runners, and walkers converged on Thompson Park in Monroe Township for the 6th Annual FNA 5K.   The event raised over $26,000 on behalf of the Medical Trust Fund for Jake and Ben Swomiak and Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.    The board of directors of FNA would like to extend their appreciation for all who helped make this event a success—the sponsors who, even during difficult economic times, continue to support this event; our volunteers, who participate in the months of pre-planning as well as the actual production of the event the day of; and our runners and walkers who continue to show up and tackle one of the most challenging 5K courses in central New Jersey—without you these events would not be possible.  

With the conclusion of this year’s 5K, FNA has now raised over $200,000 on behalf of people in need within the Central New Jersey region.    There are numerous credible and worthy organizations that campaign on behalf people in need in faraway places, and while we should continue to support those organizations, we often overlook the fact that there are people right here in our local community, our friends and neighbors, who can use our support—FNA is dedicated to that effort.   Approximately 80% of what FNA raises go directly to families and organizations in Central New Jersey.     All of you who participated in our events are a terrific example of the commitment we have to ensure that we take care of our own in need.    

Please look for our save the date announcement for the 7th Annual FNA 5K coming in the next few months.  

You can access the 6th Annual FNA 5K race results by clicking this link .  Please check back shortly for pictures of this year’s race.