Family Assistance

What We Do for Families

Serious, chronic illness is expensive. On top of the stress of care and treatment, families must also deal with the financial hardship that, unfortunately, can accompany the experience. Each year we focus our efforts on families that need help with the expense of a family member’s health care. We realize that these expenses — or the illness itself — can also make it hard for a family to keep up with day-to-day expenses associated with having a home and keeping it warm.

Here are a few examples of how our donors and volunteers have made many lives a little easier:

  • Financial assistance to purchase an Animas Ping pump for a 13-year old diabetic girl.
  • Transportation to the clinic for a young boy’s medical treatment.
  • Household bill assistance for families falling behind due to medical expenses.
  • Funds to purchase 275 gallons of oil to heat a family’s home.
  • Rental subsidy for four months to help supplement expenses.

Is your family in need, or do you know an individual or family who may benefit from FNA's Family Assistance Program? Apply now.